Thursday, 4 August 2011

Hmmm, this site looks awefully familiar,.. OH!!! ITS MY BLOG.

Been so long since I last updated my blog that I almost forgot I had one.
Was just too busy wasting life after my contract finished. lol
Everyday its just Black Ops, eat and sleep.
Anyway,read on for some stuff from when I was still productive.

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Tons happened

Just a few blog post and its already June, the month where the census project ends and so does my contract. I worked a lot harder the last month due to my overall weak performance (too lazy) and thus and I didn't have much time to look around and take pictures. Outside of my work however, many more interesting things happened, like my pilot assessment or E3 which saw the revealing of many game trailer which is so totally awesome!!!~

Thursday, 26 May 2011

Im the kinda guy who gets things done at the very last minute

My Air-Asia assessment is just 1 week away and yet I spend time watching videos on youtube, facebooking, cleaning my casing and just about anything that is just a plain waste of time. Yesterday I tried to do revision for my SPM math and I found out that I have totally forgotten how to do bases and basic trigo. I used all the complex formulae to calculate simple questions. Luckily I still got the answer although it took way longer than it should have. The rest of the questions just seemed way too easy. I hope it stays like that for the assessment. :D

Anyway, time for some pictures during work. YAY!

I took the picture just because I find it interesting

Think out of the box. Put your shade out of your car!

Guess where is this picture taken

See the railway station in the picture?

The answer : the 20-storey flat in Ipoh old town

Saturday, 14 May 2011


These past two weeks  has been really hectic. so much happened and it just makes me so tire D:
Anyway here are some pictures during my work.
Open air market?

Mother nature takes revenge!

This is actually cobwebs

What a nice nice place :D

Guess the price of this cake! xD

Saturday, 23 April 2011

Some people are just "lucky"

Had lunch at McD Drive-thru near jusco today. Today I let my friend drive. Usually its me but I thought "hey what the hell, I'm tired". Worse decision ever made. I told him to park right beside the construction site jokingly because the last time he did, the dust from the site covered his car completely. He told me "F*** you, I just washed my car!". He then proceeded to park his car in the middle of the parking lot. We then went into McD and had lunch, talk and laugh a lot. When we came out however, we realised that there is a dent on the roof of his car!
Luck huh?

Monday, 18 April 2011

Road? What Road?

Currently, my job takes me to Klebang, which is on the way to Chemor from Tasek in case you don't know. As I said in previous post, the maps included in my assignment file is very, very, very old and outdated. For my current assignment, the map was last updated in 1998. If its the town centre then its alright. The roads in the town don't change much overtime anyways. Places like Chemor is a completely different story though. These places tend to grow very rapidly and whole forest can change into residential areas within a year or so. The company I work for appears to think that updating maps yearly is not important AT ALL and even think its a waste of resource. Therefore, they simply booted the cartographer out to cut cost. Poor dude.

How the heck is this person supposed to drive at night? The road I saw this car on has no street lamps at all.

Saturday, 16 April 2011

Getting used to it

After working for such a long period (at least to me it is long), I'm finally starting to get used to the job. No matter how lazy I feel or how I don't feel motivated to work, I still do work, though I do complain a lot. The only thing that is really stopping me from working is the rain. Lately its been raining cats and dogs every afternoon or evening. Motivated or not, I still can't proceed and that really makes me sad. Every moment I spend not working is every ringgit I'm losing. For my job, time really does equals money.